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A small HowTo (and reminder for myself) on how to use Eclipse (Xilinx SDK) to develop, cross-compile and upload Linux kernel modules for Zynq (ARM-based) embedded board using Xilinx SDK and Xilinx Embedded Linux aka Petalinux. But most steps are …

HowTo use Eclipse with CDT to develop and cross-compile(for ARM) Linux kernel module. Read More »

Just a short recipe on how to compile 'tslib' and use it with Qt5 on Xilinx Petalinux. At the moment I'm using Ubuntu 14.04 64bit as a host machine, MicroZed 7020 as a target, Xilinx Vivado version 2014.2 and Petalinux …

Configure and build Qt5, tslib and evtest for ARM (Xilinx Zynq). Read More »

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