Xilinx Vivado HLx WebPACK edition.

Apparently, free version of Xilinx Vivado tools (WebPACK edition) now include Logic and Serial I/O Analyzer license! Basically, it now includes all features and an equivalent of old Vivado Design Edition + Vivado HLS, but limited for next devices: Artix-7 (7A35T-7A200T), Kintex-7(7K70T,7K160T) and Zynq-7000 (XC7Z7010,XC7Z7015,XC7Z7020,XC7Z7030).

I think this is a move in a right direction. How you can effectively debug hardware design without Logic Analyzer?
I don't saying we shall get everything for free, but tools must be more affordable. Current prices on full blown versions are too high.

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