I finally received my FLIR One!!! It's kind of expansive, but very cool infra-red camera for IPhone5/5c. Can make still and video. A very nice toy :)
It has two sensors/cameras and as I understand one is infra-red and another regular. Image from regular camera passed thru some edge detection algorithm and then mixed with infra-red image.
The only 'problem' is that optimal distance for FlirOne is 1 meter+, so for close-up pictures edges and thermal picture shifted. Still gives some useful information, it's just picture don't look perfect.

So, this is how it FlirOne looks in a box, with two sensors in a middle:


A real practical application will be using it to find heat leaks in a house, pipes insulation and etc. But, of course I have to make a thermal pictures of my ZedBoard and MicroZed boards:



As you can see, where is some shift between left edge of MicroZed and where thermal image actually starts. I made this picture from the distance of about 40-50cm. So, not really useful for PCB thermal profiling. Below, just a picture of our custom 'heat spreader' for MicroZed.


And this is a ZedBoard, with heatsink+cooler mounted on Zynq.